One-To-Many (1:n) relationships

One-To-Many relationship explained. Includes an entity relationship model, an real world example and hints for 1:n implementations.

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One-to-One (1:1) relationships

Everything you need to know about One-To-One relationships in SQL

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Many-To-Many (n:m) relationships

Many-To-Many (n:m) relationship explained by a real world example.

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Foreign Keys

A short introduction into Foreign Keys, advantages/disadvantages and more.

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One-To-One & Many-To-Many descriptions available

Finally more SQL relationships descriptions are available. We just published more articles about common SQL relationships: One-To-One SQL relationship Many-To-Many SQL relationship

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One-To-Many (1:n) relationships in detail

Our first tutorial about SQL relationships is now available. This one addresses one-to-many relationships (1:n). The tutorial is available here: One-To-Many relationships

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SQL Relationships

Welcome to our brand new website which is dedicated to SQL Relationships! Soon you’ll find information about the following types of relationships: One-To-Many Relationship (1:n) One-to-One Relationship (1:1) Many-To-Many Relationship¬†(n:m) Stay tuned!

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